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Why should you hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant (aka Social Media Manager)?

  1. No overhead costs – no need for office supplies or office space. They work from home and use their own tech.

  2. You become more productive – Delegating Social Media tasks to a VA will free up your time for you to focus on your business and its growth.

  3. Gain exposure – Most prospective customers check a business’s social media account first to check for reviews, pictures, and current information. If your Social Media accounts are outdated or even worse, nonexistent, you are likely to lose that person’s business.

  4. Save on payroll taxes – A VA is not a regular employee but an independent contractor instead. So you will not pay extra payroll taxes for them or Disability or Worker’s Compensation. This will provide significant savings at the end of the year.

  5. Eliminate the glaring uh-ohs – You know what happens, you only have a few minutes but you want to get this post up before your next meeting, so you rush through typing things in and adding graphics, etc. Only to discover later that you misspelled your business’s name! Or even worse, your client’s name!

  6. Show more creativity in your posts – You see these other small businesses with these fun animated posts and are getting jealous. You wish you had time to figure out how to do those! Or the patience to figure it out.

  7. Have more audience engagement – Now when you get alerts that someone made a comment you will have time to respond to them and actually engage with your audience and turn them into customers.

  8. Your feed will be more cohesive, unique, and fun – As a photographer and designer I will make sure that your posts are branded to your business and when someone sees an image in their feed, they will know right away it’s yours. Plus, you can add exclusive stock photography to your agreement for a truly unique look.

  9. They do the research for you – The VA will do any relevant research for hashtags and current trends of ideal time of day to post, etc.

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What are the benefits of having an Exclusive Stock Photographer on retainer?

If you know you will have a consistent need for product photography for your website, social media, digital media, or print media having the same photographer available gives you a consistent feel to your images. You also do not need to explain your brand or product each time you need to do a shoot. You can also generally use the same images for Social Media posts.

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